Celebrus and Shomei Saves 10% of Annual Search Spend for Hiscox Through Campaign Attribution Solution.

Published: Tuesday, 15 November 2011 13:00

Attribution specialists, Shomei, and online customer insight experts, Celebrus Technologies, have built and implemented for specialist insurer provider, Hiscox, a customer data hub in order to gain unprecedented insight into the value of search activity, influence of display ads and the role brand plays in driving up customer value.

To date, the insight has revealed a 10% saving in search spend without reducing online sales, as a result of Hiscox re-evaluating its strategy to invest its budget more effectively across online channels.

In order to attain the necessary insight into the activities within the channels, Shomei and Celebrus advised Hiscox, small business owner insurance providers, to build a customer data hub to show individual visitors’ precise and real-time activity on the website. Celebrus Technologies’ online customer insight technology collected data on every visitor’s interactions with the website to built individual user profiles. These were populated with data from every new interaction with the website and included details such as behaviour, preferences, frequency of visit and details of conversion.

This data was then fed to attribution specialist Shomei who combined Celebrus’ data with off-site online advertising data from DoubleClick. As a result it was possible to see a complete view of the influence of all relevant individual digital advertising sources, including paid search, display advertising, affiliates, organic search and those visitors coming to the website directly.

Together, the data sources formed a detailed customer data hub which for the first time showed the entire journey to and through the site of every individual visitor. It provided insight for the precise responses to various advertising activities, as opposed to the last campaign to have influenced an arrival on the Hiscox site.

Simon Wood, Online Marketing Manager, Hiscox, comments, “Typically campaign attribution is determined, recorded and measured by ‘last click’, which overlooks the entire customer journey through search, display, affiliates and exposure to brand messages. Looking at the attribution process in detail uncovered how each channel had influenced one another. From this we were able to identify what additional value each channel had generated, linking it explicitly to return on investment and maximising the value of the online spend. By understanding which channels are delivering the greatest return as a proportion of the budget spent, and not just the most traffic, we can optimise channel investment, messaging and creative effectively. This targeted approach delivers a far greater return.”

As a result of the insight gleaned from the customer data hub, the company plans to realign budget towards certain key words and campaigns for both paid and natural search – critically cutting all activity related to those search words that are now proven to play no role in the customer journey whatsoever. Wood confirms, “With better optimisation of search, Hiscox can save 10%, without affecting sales; or opt to lose a small number of sales annually and save as much as 17%.”

Wood concludes, “Attribution is enabling Hiscox to maximise its online spend, minimise wasted resource and effectively target activity. Critically, with the insight made possible by Celebrus and Shomei, Hiscox will be able to undertake a far broader online spend and expand into areas that have been historically hard to prove value, such as display.”


About Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus Technologies delivers complete, real-time data, on online individual visitors’ behaviour, environment and experience, and processes that in real-time to power Customer Data Hubs, and drive cross-channel behavioural targeting, real-time personalisation & interaction management. With its tag-free content push, it can also provide a personalisation overlay for existing web sites and apps too.

Celebrus Technologies captures and analyses interaction at the user interface from any mobile or laptop browser, including Flash/Flex components, video players and  many apps.

Celebrus Technologies’ systems have come to define a new approach to the integration of online applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture. The system’s User Interface Capture functionality provides a definitive, flexible and reusable source of customer, behavioural, process and performance data from any internet, intranet or extranet application.

Celebrus Technologies delivers its solutions directly and via a range of OEM, reseller and system integration partners around the world. Direct customers include AXA, Belron (Autoglass), directgov, Rank Interactive, P&O Ferries and ghd. Celebrus Technologies’ partners include the SAS Institute, IS Solutions PLC, Teradata Corporation, OnMarc, Oracle, Microstrategy, Sybase and BIMA Consulting.

What is a Customer Data Hub?

Customer Data Hubs are a new way of thinking about managing your online and offline customer interactions. A Customer Data Hub is a place to accumulate records of customers' and visitors' behaviour and experience of an enterprise.

These records typically contain a "customer profile" for each visitor, this profile will hold static information about visitors - things like their name, address, account number etc. and the Hub will also contain "behaviour records", that record individuals undertaking specific actions or activities (like purchasing or searching for products, or registering for the site).

In this way the Customer Data Hub becomes a place to hold all the key business and behavioural data for a customer. Some companies just use these hubs to keep track of online visitors and activity, but they can be used to compile a complete cross-channel view of the customer. Other businesses also augment a customer record with data from BI or other systems – adding information like suggested credit limits, or "next best offer" or "product recommendations".

Adding this type of data is important as the second reason for implementing a customer data hub is that they can be used to drive personalised messages to the visitor or to drive trigger-based marketing campaigns.

Customer Data Hubs can drive dynamic programs like Basket Re-marketing, Customer Retention, Behavioral Targeting and even provide triggers for key business processes like Churn Management or Anti-Fraud programs.

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