Campaign Attribution Solution Launched which has already Identified Savings on Average over 30% of Media Spend.

Published: Monday, 01 August 2011 10:38

Shomei, the provider of interactive campaign attribution technology, has agreed a strategic partnership with Celebrus Technologies, the online customer insight provider, to create an unrivalled online campaign attribution solution by leveraging the power of a Customer Data Hub.

A Customer Data Hub is a repository of records of customers' and visitors' experiences with an organisation, typically involving a set of ‘visitor profiles’ comprised of data from online and offline channels.

In this instance, by adding Shomei’s attribution technology with data feeds from interactions with off-site online advertising to the data that Celebrus collects on individual visitors’ interactions with the client’s website, a Customer Data Hub is created that shows – in the most finite detail – how each external and on-site marketing campaign is received, what traffic it drives and, crucially, how individual visitors engage with, and respond to it.

By appreciating the conclusion of each individual impression and click-through, in terms of conversion and revenue generated, the total value of each marketing investment can be seen, along with what strategic changes may be required.

Indeed, early adopters of the integrated technologies have seen marketing budget savings of over 30%, with no loss of sales, and have been able to identify failing acquisition channels, make strategic recommendations and target audiences and channels more accurately.

Matthew Mills, CEO & Founder at Shomei, comments, “Statistics on the effectiveness of online marketing can often be misleading. Without a precise appreciation of what additional value each initiative is providing – measured beyond the last click and traffic, but instead in terms of exact additional revenue – marketing budgets can be easily wasted on low-yield campaigns. By understanding which channels are delivering the highest number of highest value conversions, and not just the most traffic, online brands can target their investment, messaging and creatives appropriately and deliver a far greater return.”

Mills continues, “Clearly, this new partnership will result in an embarrassment of riches in terms of data, but the more data available, the more precise and accurate the conclusions that can be drawn from it. We are in the widely-reported era of ‘Big Data’, and the online marketing world is no exception – indeed, it should be leading the way.”

Simon Burton, Managing Director of Celebrus Technologies, concludes, “Campaign attribution is fundamentally flawed for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that much of it is conducted on the de facto standard of last click, with little regard for impressions or the clicks and subsequent behaviour exhibited by each visitor in-between and across all marketing touch-points – what we understand as the complete customer lifecycle. Celebrus, in combination with Shomei, is capable of delivering complete Campaign attribution, across all marketing touch-points and all subsequent outcomes.

Burton continues, “A single campaign could for example, quite easily generate a huge uplift in website traffic, and be considered a success, but deliver absolutely no additional conversions. Alternatively, a campaign that generates comparatively little traffic, and would therefore ordinarily be deemed of little value, could in fact have the highest conversion rate and return the most additional revenue. Such vision requires an in-depth view of the on-site activity, down to the individual level, integrated with data from the external campaigns. Combining this wealth of data with attribution is why Celebrus’ partnership with Shomei is so powerful for the market.”

Shomei is a technology provider that develops ‘plug-and-play’ interactive attribution solutions. The tools and platforms that Shomei provides show a complete view of all the relevant disparate digital advertising sources that a client may be using, including paid search, display advertising and organic search.

Celebrus Technologies’ online customer insight technology collects data on individual visitors’ interactions with a client’s website and creates individual user profiles, including finite details such as behaviour, preferences and frequency of visit.


About Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus Technologies delivers complete, real-time data, on online individual visitors’ behaviour, environment and experience, and processes that in real-time to power Customer Data Hubs, and drive cross-channel behavioural targeting, real-time personalisation & interaction management. With its tag-free content push, it can also provide a personalisation overlay for existing web sites and apps too.

Celebrus Technologies captures and analyses interaction at the user interface from any mobile or laptop browser, including Flash/Flex components, video players and  many apps.

Celebrus Technologies’ systems have come to define a new approach to the integration of online applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture. The system’s User Interface Capture functionality provides a definitive, flexible and reusable source of customer, behavioural, process and performance data from any internet, intranet or extranet application.

Celebrus Technologies delivers its solutions directly and via a range of OEM, reseller and system integration partners around the world. Direct customers include AXA, Belron (Autoglass), directgov, Rank Interactive, P&O Ferries and ghd. Celebrus Technologies’ partners include the SAS Institute, IS Solutions PLC, Teradata Corporation, OnMarc, Oracle, Microstrategy, Sybase and BIMA Consulting.

What is a Customer Data Hub?

Customer Data Hubs are a new way of thinking about managing your online and offline customer interactions. A Customer Data Hub is a place to accumulate records of customers' and visitors' behaviour and experience of an enterprise.

These records typically contain a "customer profile" for each visitor, this profile will hold static information about visitors - things like their name, address, account number etc. and the Hub will also contain "behaviour records", that record individuals undertaking specific actions or activities (like purchasing or searching for products, or registering for the site).

In this way the Customer Data Hub becomes a place to hold all the key business and behavioural data for a customer. Some companies just use these hubs to keep track of online visitors and activity, but they can be used to compile a complete cross-channel view of the customer. Other businesses also augment a customer record with data from BI or other systems – adding information like suggested credit limits, or "next best offer" or "product recommendations".

Adding this type of data is important as the second reason for implementing a customer data hub is that they can be used to drive personalised messages to the visitor or to drive trigger-based marketing campaigns.

Customer Data Hub can drive dynamic programs like Basket Re-marketing, Customer Retention, Behavioural Targeting and even provide triggers for key business processes like Churn Management or Anti-Fraud programs.

About Shomei

Shomei is Japanese for ‘Illumination‘ – it‘s what Shomei does; illuminate interactive media to deliver performance step change using Attribution methodology. Shomei helps brands and agencies make better decisions through effectively utilising tracking data to measure media and conversion. Shomei producesvastly more accurate reporting and actionable Insight. Founded in 2010, Shomei is a ‘plug-and-play‘ attribution technology provider. Delivering tools that integrate directly with ad server data (for example DoubleClick‘s E2C report), through aggregated data from multiple sources to a fully integrated ‘own‘ tag solution that tracks all touch points.

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