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Why Work for Celebrus Technologies?

Celebrus Technologies Limited, a D4t4 Solutions company, has developed multi-patented software which provides complete online customer intelligence on individuals’ interactions with a brand’s digital channels.  

Having already won multiple awards, our mission continues  - to be regarded as THE platform for real-time online data capture, transformation and delivery. As this dynamic marketplace evolves so do we, by developing even more innovative solutions.  We are trusted by our global blue chip clients because:

  • We are deployed on over 25,000 websites across the globe so our technology is extremely well-proven
  • We are known not to impact website performance and have in-built self-monitoring so Celebrus will back off if for any reason it is impacting a single session
  • We are highly scaleable and well-versed in dealing with websites handling 425 million sessions per month with no performance issues
  • We've been around since 1999 and have been helping organisations drive their digital and data-driven marketing forwards since then
  • We partner with world-leading technology vendors and are intrinsic to the solutions they offer to the marketplace

Interested in working for us?  Then visit the D4t4 Solutions Careers page for more information and to see the latest vacancies.


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