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Single Customer View

Single Customer View

Today's consumers expect to be treated consistently as one individual across all their interactions with an organisation, but with the burgeoning number of customer touch points and channels this is no easy task. It is, however, a critical business challenge that organisations must address as customers' expectations of brands continue to heighten.

The very foundation of Celebrus is the provision of individual-level online behavioural data - how that specific customer behaved on those particular channels.  This is clearly different from aggregated data which focuses on identifying trends through questions such as "how many people dropped off that page", "how has the conversion rate changed over the last 3 months".  Instead of trends we'll tell you the WHO.  And by knowing WHO you have much greater insight into the WHY and WHAT TO DO NEXT. 

Celebrus does this by capturing individual-level data from the key online channels including:-

  • Websites - including mobile sites
  • Social - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube
  • Mobile apps - iOS and Android
  • Streaming media
  • Games consoles
  • Desktop applications

Through bringing this multi-channel data together an organisation can build a complete picture of each individual's interactions with them across all of these touch points, enabling the development of a truly SINGLE customer view.

Building a customer data hub

To explain the concept of how Celebrus' data feeds help organisations build a complete picture of their individual customers we developed this video about building a customer data hub. 

Watch the video here...

Celebrus Multi-channel Data Collection

Discover which channels Celebrus collects data from and the basics of how it's done.

As well as web browsers Celebrus also provides support for collection from rich media such as Flash, Flex and Adobe AIR, various media players such as Windows Media Player, Real-Player, embedded YouTube and Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Google+, LinkedIn, mobile platforms and iOS and Android Apps.  The document below outlines what data is collected from which channels to give you the full picture.

A single customer view with Teradata ICI

To find out how feeding Celebrus data into the Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence (ICI) can help you build a single omni-channel customer view download this document.