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Real-Time Website Personalisation

Real-Time Website Personalisation

There is nothing more effective than responding in real-time to what someone is doing right now.  For example:-

  • Using website personalisation to insert an offer for electronics when someone is actively browsing TVs.
  • Showing messages about your online security when someone has added their first product to the basket.
  • Popping up the call centre number or web chat link when someone has done their second search in your online support pages.
  • Showing a first time visitor the benefits of signing up to your email marketing programme.
  • Offering a non-client an introductory discount when they first visit your site.

The positive impact that real-time website personalisation has on customer engagement and conversion rates is well-proven and the ideas for how to use it are almost endless, especially if you include insight not just about that individual's current website visit but previous ones as well. 

Real-Time Decisioning with Teradata RTIM

It’s more important than ever for companies to make the most of every single opportunity to engage with their customers and prospects.  That means getting the right offers and messages in front of each individual customer in their preferred channels at real-time. This requires real-time decisioning.

Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager is a cloud-based or on-premise inbound marketing and offer management solution which analyses all customer interactions to ensure the best offer for each individual customer is delivered in real-time.  Celebrus’ real-time stream of individual-level online behavioural data directly into this technology makes it more powerful and accurate than ever.

Read the press release announcing this new data feed here.

For information about Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager and real-time decisioning visit here

Alternatively download the document below to find out more about this new data feed and how it works.

How to use real-time website personalisation

Read how Dutch health insurer Agis Zorgverzekeringen's use of Celebrus for real-time website personalisation is increasing conversion rates by 24%, as well as improving the customer experience and increasing call centre productivity.

Real-Time Personalisation - here right now

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Real-Time Personalisation with Celebrus

Read about Celebrus' own rules-based real-time personalisation software here.