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Digital Big Data

Digital Big Data

Celebrus provides the most powerful and rich feed of digital big data for online behaviour available and is:-

  • Flexible - available in structured or un-structured format
  • Fast - real-time feeds available every five minutes, hourly or every 24 hours
  • Easy - simple deployment via a single line of code, tagging-free*
  • Multi-channel - captured from websites, mobile apps, streaming and social media
  • Individual-level - not aggregated or trending data
  • Complete - highly granular data all fed direct to you, not just what's been tagged

Celebrus can feed this data directly into the big data application of your choice including Teradata, Kognitio, Greenplum, Oracle, Netezza and Hadoop.

* Tagging-Free - Celebrus describes its solution as "tagging-free" to indicate that there is no ongoing tagging process or tag maintenance required. In addition to this lack of a multi-tagging process, Celebrus requires no business logic to be included in the Javascript that is placed into the web page, unlike the traditional Web Analytics vendors who require that absolute logic to be applied in each tag in order to determine what data that specific tag is collecting and why.  This simple difference ensures that Celebrus can place a single line of HTML, commonly called an insert, into a web page or web application that is always the same and never changes. 
In reality, the Celebrus insert is, strictly speaking, an "HTML tag", however it is not a "tag" in the traditional web analytics sense due to the lack of business logic, hence Celebrus' reference to their process as "tagging-free".

Data feed into Teradata Aster

Celebrus has introduced a new feed of digital big data into the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform. This new feed delivers semi-structured digital channel behavioural data from Celebrus into the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform.


Why choose Celebrus as your big data feed?

By applying big data tools and techniques to the incredibly rich and granular feed from Celebrus, you'll power your customer analytics and marketing to a whole new level.  Find out why a digital data feed from Celebrus is so superior to other data sources available.

Looking to warehouse digital data?

Read why Gary Angel, President & CTO of world-leading digital analytics consultancy Semphonic, says that, if you're looking to warehouse digital data for use across marketing and real-time personalisation efforts, Celebrus is definitely worth looking at.