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Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Trying to power your customer analytics with poor quality or aggregated data is like trying to win a Formula One race on a horse - there just isn't enough horse-power to meet the challenge.

Customer analytics is the use of data from customer behaviour to understand the composition, needs and satisfaction of the customer. This information is used by businesses for direct marketing, site selection and customer relationship management. It gives a business the customer insight necessary to deliver offers that are anticipated, relevant and timely.

To truly understand your customers you need to know about each of them individually.  And that doesn't just mean knowing their purchase history, it means developing a far deeper understanding of their wants, needs and motivations for truly valuable customer analytics.  Here are just a few examples:-

  • Their wants, e.g. which products have they browsed several times but never purchased
  • Their channel preferences, e.g. do they use catalogue product references when searching for products online then purchase via the call centre
  • Their brand awareness e.g. do they arrive on your site as direct traffic or having put your brand name into Google or via a generic search term
  • Their price sensitivity e.g. did they arrive from a search for "cheap...", have they interacted with your price comparison information on the website or do they only browse your premium products
  • Their technology preferences e.g. did they browse your site on a tablet, smartphone or desktop...or all three over time
  • Their social view e.g. have they interacted with your Facebook apps, Tweeted about you or looked at your product videos on YouTube

Including the highly granular digital big data from Celebrus in your customer analytics and intelligence programme gives you incredible power with which to drive highly valuable actions from as yet un-seen customer insight.

Watch how others used Customer Analytics

Watch this video to see how UK non-store retailer JD Williams is using Celebrus data to enhance their segmentation and communications.

Watch the video here...

Turning prospects into customers

The digital big data from Celebrus enables you to understand not just your existing customers, but also customers that you haven't even met yet, i.e. people browsing on your website or interacting with your social channels who haven't yet purchased. 

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