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*NEW* Personalisation and Privacy Consumer Research

Balancing the Personalisation and Privacy Equation: The Consumer View

Balancing-the-Equation-ebookThis research, commissioned by Celebrus and Teradata, explores the attitudes of UK and German consumers towards:

  • The positives and negatives of personalised communications
  • Their reactions to good and poor personalisation experiences
  • The data that they are...and are not...willing to share
  • Data privacy, usage and sharing concerns
  • Which industries they most, and least, trust with their data

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Putting the Retail into Retail Banking

Consumers’ rapid adoption of online and mobile banking is now dominating strategy. Retail banks have traditionally relied heavily on relationship marketing at key life stages. However, an increasingly competitive market with a number of innovative and agile new entrants is changing the game. Consumers are demanding the same level of experience and interactions from retail banks that is standard across other markets such as retail and travel.

This research by Celebrus reveals that retail banking has many lessons it could learn from other sectors - such as retail and travel. Those sectors have forged ahead in delivering a highly personal customer experience that both generates new customers and increases the product mix sold to existing ones. Banks have a limited product set and therefore less opportunity to cross-sell and engage customer and every interaction must count.

Digital Marketing Insights for 2014 eBook

This research, commissioned jointly by Celebrus and Teradata and conducted by, asked digital marketers from the UK, France and Germany about:

  •  Their digital marketing priorities and challenges.
  •  If they have a single customer view, what data they are using and where it is stored.
  •  The benefits they are seeing from a single customer view and their future plans.
  •  The analytics they are undertaking and how it is improving their marketing results.
  •  How customer analytics is being resourced and how things will change by 2016.
  •  The importance of personalisation and the role of real-time now, and in two years. 

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