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Pigeonholed - What does Celebrus do?

Published: Thursday, 09 October 2014 11:24 by Lincoln Goldspink, Chief Technology Officer
Big Data Analytics

What does Celebrus do? Web Analytics? Middleware? Perhaps a tag management solution? OEM component? Website personalisation? MVT? The list goes on …

That’s because Celebrus is very much a platform providing many and varied solutions to today’s marketing and customer analytics challenges.  

In an era of technology proliferation and multiple point solutions this platform-based approach can make life difficult for our marketing team.  Why?  Well humans want to categorise, to pigeonhole things. It's an essential technique to reduce the massive volumes of data that surround us daily and make sense of it. Categorisation is essential. It means that our brains can focus on a few details, whilst ignoring the majority of what we see.  If our brains make a mistake with regards to what's important then perhaps life threatening details get missed: consider what's being pigeonholed by your grey matter as you cross the road.

At the heart of the Celebrus platform is its data capture and delivery mechanisms which are unique in the HTML5 world. But this belies the platform's capabilities. Celebrus is an enabling technology. It is a data capture, delivery and execution platform. Celebrus gathers individual-level data from across multiple channels in a standardised format, making it easy to piece together and manipulate.  It feeds this real-time data into a variety of complementary technologies.  Celebrus can perform deterministic, rule driven personalisation, or coupled to a decisioning engine can execute predictive personalisation. Celebrus can be deployed in a passive stance, providing a real-time querying service to determine a visitor's current and past intent. In a proactive stance Celebrus will detect trigger points for target segments and execute content personalisation, advertising etc, or invoke another system to act such as an email service provider.

Celebrus is not one thing to all. It is many things. And it delivers a lot of results including improved conversion rates, increased average order values and optimised marketing investments, as well as fraud identification, multivariate testing and loads more.  Take another look at Celebrus' capabilities. You may be surprised.