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Celebrus launches v8 Big Data Engine

Published: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 13:45 by Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing
Big Data Analytics

Celebrus launches v8 Big Data Engine: Power, speed and flexibility for today’s big data analytics and one-to-one data-driven marketing.

Celebrus Technologies is proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated new product, the Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine. Our latest offering captures and contextualises individual-level digital channel data in real-time and feeds it into a range of complementary technologies in parallel, giving organisations the power required to drive true one-to-one data-driven marketing and highly detailed customer analytics.

We have developed the Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine to stream real-time, contextualised and actionable behavioural data from websites, social media and mobile apps directly into a wide array of technologies to power customer analytics and one-to-one data-driven marketing. The tagging-free nature of Celebrus means that deployment is fast and easy, with all data being captured and delivered without the need for ETL development. Moreover, due to the ease and speed of adding business context to the raw data, the context-aware v8 Big Data Engine can eliminate the need for post-processing, thereby accelerating accessibility and usability of data for streaming analytics and real-time marketing.

The Celebrus v8 engine can also be configured quickly and easily to identify behaviours, or sequences of behaviours, which are of particular business value to an organisation - for example shopping cart interactions or potential defection behaviours. These scenarios enable the organisation to identify specific customer activities on its digital channels and respond to them immediately to enhance the customer experience and improve brand loyalty.

The Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine brings businesses valuable customer insight, coupled with the power to drive individual, one-to-one campaigns and real-time personalisation. We are confident that the power, speed and flexibility of v8 will deliver critical business benefits to our clients. This, combined with the fact that Celebrus can feed a number of marketing and analytics solutions in parallel from the same source of data, gives organisations a single and complete version of the truth on which to base both their big data analytics and data-driven marketing – we believe v8 to be a ground-breaking and business transformational solution.