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Why use Celebrus?

Celebrus is the chosen feed of highly granular, individual-level digital big data to blue chip organisations throughout the world because it is:-

  • FLEXIBLE - available in structured or semi-structured format
  • FAST - real-time, every 5 minutes, hourly or every 24 hour feeds available
  • EASY - simple deployment via a single line of code, tagging-free*
  • MULTI-CHANNEL - captured from websites, mobile apps, streaming and social media
  • INDIVIDUAL-LEVEL - not aggregated or trending data
  • COMPLETE - highly granular data all fed direct to you, not just what you’ve tagged for
  • ACCURATE - collected at source and not subject to potential mis-tagging or collection errors

Our global blue chip clients trust us because:-

  • We are deployed on over 25,000 websites across the globe so our technology is extremely well-proven
  • We are known not to impact website performance and have in-built self-monitoring so Celebrus will back off if for any reason it is impacting a single session 
  • Our scaleability is superb: we are well-versed in dealing with websites handling 425 million sessions per month with no performance issues
  • We've been around since 1999 and have been helping organisations drive their digital and data-driven marketing forwards since then
  • We partner with world-leading technology vendors including SAS and Teradata and are intrinsic to the solutions they offer to the marketplace

That's why our data collection and website personalisation software is mission critical to leading global brands including banks and retailers.

Celebrus data is fundamentally different from traditional online data sources in that its very foundation is the INDIVIDUAL.  This means our data is extremely granular and detailed, enabling you to build a truly complete picture of each individual's behaviours across your online channels including details such as clicks, navigation, keystrokes, mouse-moves, play, pause, basket adds, basket deletes etc. - everything is captured.  Data is also captured about the technologies used including browser and device. 

Celebrus for any platform, any technology diagramThis hugely detailed digital big data enables organisations to build a truly complete picture of their individual customers and use this deep insight to drive real-time personalisation, one-to-one communications, customer analytics, marketing attribution, cross-channel marketing, remarketing, campaign optimisation and fraud detection.  For more details of these applications visit our Solutions section and to find out how these solutions relate to your job function visit About You.



* Tagging-Free - Celebrus describes its solution as "tagging-free" to indicate that there is no ongoing tagging process or tag maintenance required. In addition to this lack of a multi-tagging process, Celebrus requires no business logic to be included in the Javascript that is placed into the web page, unlike the traditonal Web Anlaytics vendors who require that absolute logic to be applied in each tag in order to determine what data that specific tag is collecting and why.  This simple difference ensures that Celebrus can place a single line of HTML, commonly called an insert, into a web page or web application that is always the same and never changes.

In reality, the Celebrus insert is, strictly speaking, an "HTML tag", however it is not a "tag" in the traditional web analytics sense due to the lack of business logic, hence Celebrus' reference to their process as "tagging-free". 

Interested in piloting Celebrus?

You can evaluate the value that Celebrus would deliver to your business via a paid pilot called a “Rapid Insight Offering”. This 8-week programme combines Celebrus’ data collection, contextualisation and delivery with complementary technologies such as data warehouses, decisioning engines and analytics tools, in order to develop a deep understanding of individual customers’ behaviours across the brand’s digital channels. These behaviours form the basis upon which an agreed set of marketing actions is established, alongside reporting functions designed to help the organisation justify potential investment in Celebrus.  If you would like to know more about what’s involved in our paid pilots please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Celebrus

Celebrus Technologies and IS Solutions have joined forces to create a single provider for both unrivalled data collection technology and secure deployment and hosting services.  

This fusion produces a unique software and service combination that delivers real-time customer interaction data directly into the applications and platforms clients need to really capitalise on its value.  To read more about how our combined data and expertise help clients drive real-time digital intelligence visit the IS Solutions website.

Celebrus Clients

Celebrus is deployed across thousands of websites and digital channels across the globe and is the trusted source of individual-level online data for blue chip organisations in retail, insurance, travel, retail banking, leisure, media, automotive and government.  Visit the page on Our Clients to find out which organisations in which sectors rely on Celebrus data.

Case Studies

Celebrus helps companies collect vast amounts of highly granular, individual-level online data feeding it directly into big data applications. Read in our Case Studies the many different ways in which some of our clients, both past and present, leverage that data to make the right decisions about their businesses, the results they are achieving  and the great customer experience and service they deliver.

Why Celebrus for Digital Big Data?

Find out WHY Celebrus is the easy, fast and flexible solution to your digital big data needs and how it differs from "traditional" web analytics solutions.

Celebrus feeds highly granular, individual-level online data directly into the big data application of your choice.

The digital data captured is:

  • FLEXIBLE - available in structured or semi-structured format
  • FAST - real-time, five-minutely, hourly or 24-hourly feeds available
  • EASY - simple deployment via a single line of code, no tagging
  • MULTI-CHANNEL - captured from websites, mobile apps and social media
  • INDIVIDUAL-LEVEL - not aggregated or trending data
  • COMPLETE - highly granular data all fed direct to you, not just what you’ve tagged for

Read the 10 Reasons to Choose Celebrus as your digital big data feed.